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January 22, 2014


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Cent Rieker

You're right Observation. It's very unreasonable to equate the likes of Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Cooley, Charlotte, the countless Florida for-profits, New England, et al, with used car salesmen. After all, used car salesmen at least provide means of transportation at affordable prices (and with the help of Carfax, and other certification programs, many consumers can purchase used automobiles with assurances they aren't purchasing lemons). Maybe if the ABA actually had an accreditation process that had any teeth to it, it wouldn't be so insulting to used car salesmen to equate them with many of these pan-handling law deans with their open-admission policies these days.


"the countless Florida for-profits"

Not that it is really all that important but … uh, 1?

Is there more than 1 Florida for-profit? It's Florida Coastal, right?

"Maybe if the ABA actually had an accreditation process that had any teeth to it"

If you think the ABA accreditation process has no teeth, then you have no idea what for-profit schools would be like in the absence of ABA accreditation requirements.

I'm not saying the ABA accreditation standards are what they should be. But you do not appear to appreciate what for-profits would do in the actual absence of ABA teeth.

Matt Bodie

Just to follow up on the ABA point, check this out:

July 2013 CA Bar Results
CA ABA accredited first-time takers: 75% passed
CA accredited (non-ABA) first-time takers: 36% passed

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