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January 02, 2014


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Cent Rieker

I'm neither a PETA member nor an Equine speaker, so not sure how horses feel about the issue. I am a human being that would like to run in the Park or get to the softball fields during the summer without smelling obscene amounts of horse excrement thank you very much. If tourists, or conservatives at the National Review object, all the merrier! Better yet, they can stay downtown and complain about the "Ground Zero Mosque" at the sacred ground of an old Burlington Coat Factory next to a dive bar and shady strip club. Hizzoner is already doing a great job!


By "poorly reasoned," I assume you mean reasoning that you disagree with.


Slave labor or death, what do you prefer, Calvin? Some captive dolphins have committed suicide to escape the forced "fun shows" for tourists. Shall we let the horses decide rather than speak for them?


ANyone who owns a cat knows how desperately it wants to get out of the gilded cage in which it is forced to live.
Sure, the cat will purr, but also dash for the door every time it opens. THat cat wants out of that paradise you have created for it (and, of course, we know that not all cat owners create a paradise, treat their pets well, etc.)
Birds are kept in little cages. Think of all the big dogs forced to live in tiny NY apartments with about as much time out as the prisoners get when sentenced to serve time in a high security prison (leading to all sorts of horrible ailments).
ALl this to gratify human need for unconditional love, to be important to and for someone or something, to give children a living toy to play with, etc.
To the high-minded folks jumping on Calvin (and raising irrelevant issues to boot), I ask: Ban all use of animals for human pleasure?
Or, use bags to contain the refuse? Dog "dirt" is highly regulated as well, from what I read.
It seems that NY has some detailed regs regarding the horses, and the police use them too.
Perhaps it is wrong, but then, isn't human use of animals for pleasure almost always so? Is use of animals for food also wrong?

Jake Stevens

What is this point of this grumpy old man semi-post? De Blasio was elected promising to get rid of the horse draw carriages in central park. Are you surprised he is going to follow through on his promise?


The electric carriage can be equipped with a speaker belting out the clippety-clop of hooves on pavement, a la Monty Python's "The Holy Grail". It will all work out just fine.

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