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January 01, 2014


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Bob Strassfeld

Is this North Hall (home I believe of the history department) at University of Wisconsin?

Bob Strassfeld

Alfred L. Brophy

Bob--darn you're good. You got it exactly. It was built in the 1850s as a dormitory and then I think in the late 19th century was converted over to classsroom and/or administrative space. I didn't know the history department was there -- hope appropriate!

Also, Calvin, if you're reading this -- I have a comment on your post on Craig Wilder's book but I think it was caught by our spam filter.

Bob Strassfeld


Not so good. Without your important hint that the school in question had played in a bowl game yesterday, I never would have gotten this.

Jason Yackee

North Hall houses the Political Science department, not history. Since I work right across the hill from it, I'm embarrassed I didn't recognize it in the photo! Must be the relative lack of snow in the photo.

Alfred L. Brophy

Thanks for the intel, Jason -- I took this photo from an odd angle. Makes Bob's id all the more impressive.

Brian Clarke

From that angle it looks a lot like Old East and/or Old West in Chapel Hill.

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