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December 17, 2013


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Well, I want the NY married guy to wed a woman in ND and for her to marry the woman wed to the first guy in NY.

That would result in a 4-way marriage, like a box. To join the opposite vertices, it would suffice to move to UT, I suppose.

Marriage is a mess. Civil marriage should be abolished, together with all its tax, inheritance and other benefits. Let's leave it to the Catholics and other superstitious folk to define marriage for their purposes, with no force of law whatsoever.

That would liberate singles and single mothers from the oppression of discrimination resulting from gummint favoring of marriage.

Matthew Reid Krell

The fun part comes when Cain, instead of filing for divorce, files a criminal complaint for bigamy in Iowa, has Abel arrested, and extradited from North Dakota to Iowa.

I remember, in Stranger in a Strange Land, Heinlein describing his protagonist as the legitimate heir of three people based on jurisdictional-specific rules of inheritance. It was silly, but he played it out right within his own constraints.

Doug L

North Dakota has a Constitution?

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