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December 21, 2013


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Glomarization, Esq.

It's down the road from the location of the Exton Drive-In from the Hooters' "And We Danced."

Alfred L. Brophy

Holy cow, Glomarization, that's incredible. You are correct. I grew up near Exton; the drive-in's been gone for decades now.


Tough one! But...

The building is on Lincoln Highway in Exton, PA. The music video is The Hooters' 1985 classic "And We Danced".

Sally Waters

Darn it, I just spent 25 mins. and my best GoogleFu looking for the answers, and someone beat me to it! But what the hey, I did get to watch some interesting 80s hairstyles whilst looking at the video!

Alfred L. Brophy


Yes -- very difficult. Nicely done. Fun video, isn't it?


I'm always surprised at how different the 1980s videos look to me now! Hair styles look a lot weirder now than I thought they were then....

This about does it for me and photo trivia questions. I mean when we're dealing with 18th century buildings in Exton, Pa, it's hard to get more obscure than that!

Glomarization, Esq.


I didn't grow up in Exton, but I did spend an absurd amount of time during my tween and teen years watching MTV. There aren't too many "1980s band[s] from Philadelphia" -- I think people would refer to Hall and Oates as a duo, or Robert Hazard as a solo artist, for example. The others that would come to mind would be Tommy Conwell and the Young Rumblers or Pretty Poison. TC's "I'm Not Your Man" was set in a venue that may or may not be the 23 East in Ardmore, and PP's "Catch Me I'm Falling" had them performing in a gym intercut with scenes from the movie "Hiding Out."

Fun puzzle. Thanks!

[AB here -- this is all very cool & stuff I didn't know about. Next time I'm back home I'll see if I can get a picture of 23 East in Ardmore.]

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