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November 01, 2013


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Thomas D Russell

On a related note, I am co-counsel in the Colorado challenge to the state's statutory and constitutional prohibition of same-sex marriage. We filed the lawsuit on behalf of our clients on Wednesday in Adams County, Colorado.

I put the complaint on SSRN at:

Tom Russell
University of Denver
Sturm College of Law

Susannah Pollvogt

Hi all - I also have an essay forthcoming in Columbia Law Review Sidebar on Windsor and the doctrine of unconstitutional animus. For the time being it can be found on my SSRN page:


Susannah W. Pollvogt
Visiting Lecturer
University of Denver Sturm College of Law

Jeff Redding

Tom and Susannah: Thank you for the updates and the information!

Colin Starger

Hello again- Northwestern Law Review Colloquy just published my "Visual Guide to United States v. Windsor: Doctrinal Origins of Justice Kennedy's Majority Opinion." It is available here:

Colin Starger
University of Baltimore School of Law

Katie Eyer

Hi -- I too had a short essay recently published dealing with Windsor (and its implications for popular constitutionalism): Lower Court Popular Constitutionalism, published in the Yale Law Journal Online, and available at:

Susannah Pollvogt

While I have nothing to say on the topic of foaming bubbles, I have just completed and posted a second essay on Windsor:


As an aid to your readers, they may be interested in the following tax article entitled Same-Sex Marriage Tax Guide: 16 Essential Tax Rules and Tips at

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