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November 19, 2013


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Cent Rieker

And at every single step in the march to that supposed economic and moral progress, the South stands strong in its opposition. Just a few highlights: opposition to Civil Rights in the sixties; current homophobia (errr family values); disgusting urban sprawl; race-to-the bottom wage wars (see South Carolina using that as a carrot to lure Boeing jobs from high-wage Washington state) that hurts the rest of the country; incessant complaining about the oppressive federal government (with their hands out as net recipient states, except of course when it comes to accepting Medicaid expansion, because that would help poor, err black people); NASCAR! And nonsense like this

To all those modern day Southern secessionists, I say good riddance and "bye Felicia!"

roger dennis

Al—as a Northwestern rhetoric major, I revel in today’s celebration of Lincoln’s speech (and we should be sitting in Lincoln Hall at the Northwestern Law School). Every sentence has been subject to detailed analysis. What still strikes me deeply is the cadence of the King James Bible and Shakespeare.

Dr. Oops

Yes, yes Cent Rieker, it all started with those two damn Southerner's, Washington and Jefferson. Let's throw in LBJ and even MLK. What good did they or any of the Southerner's that followed them ever do.

Bill Turnier

Al, although separated by decades, we must have had the same fifth grade teacher. I was glad to read your piece about Everett's address. You created a nice setting for us by reminding us that in an earlier era, such gatherings in addition to providing a ceremonial occasion also provided entertainment of a sort. In a similar vein, church gatherings with their music and ceremony also served a similar function in addition to providing an opportunity for socializing and for young people to meet prior to starting a romance. Technology changes much even our means of social bonding. It is a long way from church worship services to online dating. I dare say that Dante likely never would have met Beatrice on Christian Mingle. Your observation caused me to think of all that. That us what good writing does. Thanks.

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