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October 05, 2013


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Patrick S. O'Donnell

It contains a depiction of the "third eye," which is not in any way of Judaic or Christian provenance! A monument to "the Golden Rule" would be on (figuratively) firmer ground, it being found in both religious and non-religious worldviews and arguably a basic principle of social morality. To be sure, the different formulations: "negative" and "positive," for example, arguably have different implications, and the Golden Rule in the Gospels of the New Testament is found alongside others injunctions, about love, for instance, which some claim makes it stand apart from other versions. Still, I think Hobbes ably demonstrated how the Golden Rule is a basic principle of generic moral reasoning, which may, in turn, help account for its appearance in disparate cultural traditions.


I'm still waiting for a monument to the 15 Commandments...

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