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October 20, 2013


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Nassau Hall, Princeton

Alberto Bernabe

Princeton, where I went to school. And here is another triva question: why is there a cannon buried in the middle of the lawn?

Alfred L. Brophy

Nice going, Private & Alberto. As to the cannon, I had that question myself. I'm guessing it has something to do with Princeton's role in the Revolution? And is it original to the (I'm guessing Revolutionary war) or is it a more modern monument to that war?

Orin Kerr

Finally, a Brophy trivia question I can answer. :)

The story of the cannon is explained here:

Alfred L. Brophy

Oh, cool. So it does go back to the era of the Revolution. Looks rather large for that time; I guess that's the size of English cannon. I think the ones I've seen from the Revolutionary era are mostly ones we manufactured and -- unsurprisingly -- they're smaller.

As to trivia questions: I'm terrible at them. The only times I know the answers are when I took the pictures (and even then, as in this case, I don't know the full story)! This reminds me that I need to ask a Whig & Cliosophic question one of these days....

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