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October 04, 2013


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Bill Turnier

Given that no one has as yet responded, perhaps a hint is in order. The owner was a VP candidate.


Tough one, even with the hint!

Initially, I thought it was the Reuben Fenton mansion in Jamestown, NY. However, I'm pretty sure that's wrong...

Alfred Brophy

Yes, absurdly difficult, Owen.

You've got the right political party (more or less) with Fenton. Further to the hints, it's not Dan Quail's house. That is, it's not the house of someone elected vice-president.

Bill Turnier

Owen, let me add that my hint is, perhaps, somewhat misleading. The individual did not run as a major party candidate. The name of the party is one with which most of us are familiar. The daughter of his running mate was engaged to one of the scoundrels of American history.


A learned friend points me to George Washington Julian, vice-presidential nominee of the Free Soil Party in 1852. The building is the Julian-Clarke House on South Audubon Road in Indianapolis.

Bill Turnier

Owen you have hit the nail on the head Once again. I tried posting a lengthy explanation of exactly who George W Julian was and got so carried away that my session timed out and all was lost. I will see what I can do about it later when I have more time. Right now I will just explain my clues. Julian ran with John Hale on the Free Soil Party ticket in 1852. Hale's daughter Lucy later becomes engaged to John Wilkes Booth who is in possession of a picture of her when he is killed by federal troops in late April of 1865. Hale was still a strong supporter of freedom for the slaves, a pro-unionist and a Republican Senator from NH.

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