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September 24, 2013


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prior probability

Everything you say is true, but I suspect more committee work doesn't really sound that appealing to most of us


How is this work viewed by law schools in the context of tenure decisions? Service is expected, but typically that's service to the law school and university community: would ABA work be viewed as a personal indulgence, the way it is at big law firms (regardless of what lip service might be given)?

Patricia Salkin

I can only speak for myself but service to the profession through organizaed bar does count positively for faculty evaluations. In fact, before becoming a dean and in my role as a member of the editorial advisory board of The Urban Lawyer, a law review housed at UMKC for the ABA State & Local Government Law Section, I know that faculty at other schools, including at least one "ivy" published tenure pieces in the ABA publication.

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