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September 11, 2013


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Trinity is a California state-accredited law school--but they only want professors with a JDs from ABA-accredited schools? And they want applicants to have both a JD and a PhD? Interesting.

Albert Ross

. . . and no Jews, Buddhists, Muslims or atheists need apply, evidently.


Bigotry is ok in legal academia. (Yes, there are some exceptions to legal action to stop this sort of invidious discrimination, but really, so what?)
In hiring for a post in the legal academy, one may overtly favor some (based on race, age, gender, religion, etc.), and discriminate against others (based on race, age, gender, religion, etc.), with absolute impunity.
It seems to be the way of the world in legal academia.
What would be sort of hilarious, if not so sad, is the fact that most in legal academia think of themselves as righteous defenders of social justice, and will actually boast about these prejudices.


These comments strike me as profoundly mean-spirited and unnecessary. There are a number of law schools in this country with a Christian affiliation that engage in preferential hiring. It seems to me the faculty and students self-select for an education environment that is infused with spiritual beliefs they share. I fail to see the problem and find hostility towards a private theologically-driven institution troubling. We are, I would say, not a Christian nation, but a tolerant nation. Or we should be. The school is hiring, and there may be candidates especially interested in working in that sort of environment. Tolerate it.


I'll tolerate them when they tolerate me:

Practices which are specifically forbidden in Scripture will not be condoned such as dishonesty, theft, abortion, premarital sex, adultery, homosexual behavior, profanity, gossip, pornography, and infringement upon the rights of others.

Tim Zinnecker

I have removed one of the comments to this post at the request of its author.

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