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September 16, 2013


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"Moneyed interests defeat the eggheads" is perhaps an unfair way to frame an election between two attorneys. The fact that one of them happens to be married to a law professor doesn't really seem to make her an "egghead," even assuming that label is applicable to law professors.

Also, it's "Cason," not "Carson," Kirby.

John Roberts

To call this "Greek racism" and to use the term "Alabama Greeks" is not only inaccurate, but insulting to people of Greek heritage and ethnicity who live in Alabama and elsewhere. These kids are American sorority and fraternity women and men, not "Greek" in any true sense of the word.


"How did the Greeks do it? With party buses, free booze, and perhaps a fraudulent registration or two. Or three."
Stop! This is a FL classic!
Ethnic terms and allegations of voter fraud all in one neat package.
I haven't checked:
Does the author support voter id and decry ethnic terms in other contexts (e.g., sports teams, etc.)?
*note: this is not an invitation for a lecture on the complete absence of any justification for voter id, or the difference between the "greeks" and the "indians" or the "braves" (terms to which many object). I just couldn't resist noting the sort of delicious nature of this piece of faculty lounge discourse.

roll tide

So what’s the media frame that makes this story so fascinating to this chatbort?

Let me guess. It’s creepy and even outrageous for college students to organize and participate in political races. (Unless, of course, it’s at Ohio State and Obama is running for president, in which case student organizing and voting are sacred rights that should be encouraged by the universities.)

( )

Or maybe it’s because there was a get out the vote drive including a ride to the polls? Because that’s outrageous (except when Obama does it to win Ohio and when Dems do it in urban areas).

Or maybe it's because of the alleged minor discrepancies related to the listed addresses of voters? Because that’s outrageous (except when Republicans complain about it, in which case they are to be firmly reminded that voting fraud is a wholesale fiction of paranoid minds). Bonus quiz: who said the following quote, Kelly Horwitz or Karl Rove? “Illegalities in elections can't go on in the future. It's not a prank, it's criminal activity.”

Or maybe it’s the volatile mix of alcohol and voting? (Why do you hate George Washington and Abraham Lincoln? If I want to vote drunk, sober, or buzzed, it's my right.) Why didn’t you tell the readers that the plan to offer a free drink wasn’t based upon voting for Cason? It was based on voting at all. And why not tell your readers that neither of the two bars actually offered any free drinks? Because that would ruin your media frame?

Oh I know the problem. When all else fails, there is one outrage that always works. The problem is that the students voted against the white woman because . . . wait for it . . . they are racist against blacks! That’s the media frame that works for this blog.

Dan Joyner

Statement by UA President Bonner, just released on video.

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