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August 23, 2013


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Wow! If we could couple this with a recent suggestion of cutting faculty salaries in half (but presumably not those of administrators) we could really slash the cost of legal education. I will leave it to others to point out that this could be coupled with dropping a year of undergraduate studies for this who go to law school to achieve even greater savings.

Eric Muller

One wonders whether Professor Obama's course on law and race was geared to 3Ls.


If Obama is in favor of two years, I would expect Rush Limbaugh to come out in favor of three years, or maybe even four.

Alfred Brophy

Eric, I don't know the breakdown of 2L and 3L enrollment in his seminar on current issues in racism and the law. My guess is it tended towards 3Ls.

I take President Obama's proposal was off-the-cuff, though I'd be very interested if there was some discussion behind the scenes about this. I know virtually nothing about the operation of the White House, but I would have suspected that pretty much everything Obama says is scripted. Maybe I'm wrong on this? Or maybe there's some serious discussion in the White House about higher education policy that's focused on law schools. I'd be interested in other people's thoughts here.

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