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August 30, 2013


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Tim, a question from someone who, after years as an adjunct, is beginning to work toward a transition from practice to full-time academics:

I've submitted all the necessary items to the AALS FAR process and hope to see a some interviews coming in DC. And, of course, I'm meeting with the right folks at all my local schools. But looking through the AALS Bulletin and some posts here raises a process question for me. Say there's a school that has posted an opening in the AALS. "Interested applicants should contact Dean So-and-so and send thus-and-such." If one is already pursuing the AALS hiring event, is it also considered proper to send CVs, transcripts and whatever may be sought directly to schools in which one has interest?

The question seems a little fraught to me. On the one had, the folks doing the hiring may consider it an annoyance to be inundated with materials they are already free to review via the AALS clearing house. On the other hand, my reflex is to take the direct approach, since I don't really know who is or isn't looking at the AALS resource, and better belt plus suspenders.

It may be I'm over-thinking the entire question. But given the intricacies of academic etiquette, and the importance some put on punctilious attendance to it, it seemed a question worth asking.

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