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August 18, 2013


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Bob Strassfeld

So, this is purely google on my part. If it is right, the perspective is truly misleading. I get General Washington's headquarters in Newburgh N.Y. The Hasbrouck house.

Bob Strassfeld

Alfred Brophy

You're correct, Bob, this is Washington's headquarters.

It does look like his headquarters in Newburgh -- though this picture is of his headquarters in a different location.

Juliet Moringiello

Valley Forge?

Alfred Brophy

You got it, Juliet. Very nicely done. I'm not sure there are any photographs (at least none that seem easily accessible) taken from this vantage -- the front is much more popular. I think the front is actually one of the most-photographed images/buildings related to the Revolutionary war.

There's a real distinct style to southeastern Pennsylvania architecture, isn't there? I had the chance to spend a lovely couple of hours at Valley Forge last time I was home in Philadelphia. I'd last been there as a child, so my memory of the park wasn't great. They've done a really nice job interpreting the winter from all sorts of perspectives -- the forge, the soldiers, the military objectives. I was particularly interested in the reconstructed soldiers' cabins -- they weren't grand, to say the least. Wouldn't want to have to winter in them. Even Washington's headquarters seemed far from sumptuous.

The park makes some interesting (to me) interpretation of the law at Valley Forge (court martials), which surprised/intrigued me. I certainly didn't expect talk of a gay soldier drummed out of camp or of prosecutions of deserters.

Matthew Reid Krell

I was thinking this was Washington's HQ from the Brandywine, but Valley Forge seems just as likely.

Alfred Brophy

They are both quite similar houses. Lots of stone!

I thought I'd asked about Washington's headquarters at Brandywine a while back, back I can't seem to find that. So maybe that's one to use down the road.

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