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July 09, 2013


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Lets hope you law professor parasites get a taste of the 'free market' sooner than later. You'll find out, just like the students who's lives you've destroyed with debt, the true value of your useless 'scholarship'.

Hopefully you law professor pigs/thieves will get a full taste of the 'free market' value of your useless qualifications.


Anon: "Law schools have realized that the Stanford model makes sense - you recruit people whose skills will generate long term cash flow for the school through their IP and tenure and time off from teaching will more than pay for themselves. "

This is not a bad idea, but it assumes that they'll generate long term cash flow. And that's the entire problem here, that law grads are not getting the long term cash flow (and half don't get even short term cash flow).


Anon: "At all universities, smarter students want smarter faculty. Smarter faculty can therefore command higher salaries. The school pays those salaries - and students are willing to borrow against future earnings - because smarter faculty can improve the human capital of those students who then are more likely to be successful and capable of paying off their student expenses. "

(this has got to be Steve Diamond - the tireless repetition of BS is his trademark)

The whole point is that students in most cases can't make enough to justify the law school tuition.

Your 'business model' is:
better inputs cost more, but provide better outputs, which more than recoups the higher cost. For almost all law schools in the country, that is not true, and hasn't been true for at least a decade; subsidized loans have hidden the problem until it became too big.


Uggh enough of this boring debate already.


There are some odd features about the glyph that accompanies a post here - it is driven by IP address/ cookie. Interesting how the Anonymous who called for a halt has the same glyph as the Anon Barry just called out. By the way I use multiple devices so my glyph changes ...

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