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July 08, 2013


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From the article:

Daniels said in a midafternoon email that "the number of layoffs was very small and the majority of reductions were voluntary."

I have to say, nothing ticks me off more than the way they always try to spin these things as voluntary. Think about it, the layoffs were "voluntary," someone chose to leave a paying job in a bad economy, during a crisis in legal education, how does that work out.

Dean: "You are all fired. In unrelated news, free donuts in the parking lot."

As the recent casualties move toward the parking lot for their free donuts ...

Assistant to the Dean: "Looks like they are voluntarily leaving."

I get that, in the early stages, nobody wants to look like they are the only school in trouble. But we all know that everyone is in trouble. Don't f*** these people anymore than you have to.


"McGeorge law school says it will shrink by more than 40 percent"

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