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July 18, 2013


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Patrick S. O'Donnell

I'm not so sure mental illness remains a "taboo topic," but I am fairly certain that the manner in which we treat the mentally ill, particularly those convicted of committing crimes, is something that we need urgently to address (and thus go beyond mere 'talking'). To cite one recent example, and I think it is representative, see this recent piece from the Los Angeles Times:,0,1637257.column?dssReturn

Ann Tweedy

I really appreciate McElroy's article both as the child of a mentally ill parent and as someone on the tenure-track.

Patrick S. O'Donnell

Ann, Are you familiar with Elyn Saks' book, The Center Cannot Hold: My Journey through Madness (2007)? Her USC Gould School of Law page:

Steven Freedman

A wonderful and brave article by Lisa. I've known her for several years and never thought of her as anything other than a witty, hard working, committed professor. Among the Drexel students, she's one of the most beloved professors. I'm sure her willingness to share this aspect of her life will only deepen the affection.

Newbie Prof

McElroy's essay is self-promoting. First, she bills the essay as a "how to" essay in coping with anxiety. But nowhere does she talk about how to curb anxiety except to get tenure. Second, for anyone in academia who has a serious anxiety disorder, tenure is not the cure. The person will start worrying about the next thing. Third, take a look at McElroy's personal website. She is into promotion.

Lisa McElroy


Thanks so much for linking to my essay in the Lounge.

I appreciate the support I've received from so many across the country, and I applaud the courage of the many law professors who have written to me about their own journeys with anxiety.

I have intentionally declined to read or respond to comments on the Slate website, as I know that there are people out there who will perceive my situation and experience differently. However, I have been told that NewbieProf's complaint about the title is a common refrain. My title for the piece was originally different, but Slate editor's write the titles that appear on the site. I agree that it is not a "how to" piece; it was merely intended to reflect upon my own experience, not offer advice to others.

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