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May 06, 2013


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dumb lawyer

how many of this large "locus" of lawyers have ever practiced law? has the author?


Academics often see their campus as a microcosm of the world and the world as a microcosm of their campus; not much different for comparativists. Sticking with the human register, please do consider whether the travails at SLU really merit comparison to the courage of individuals -- and what is at stake for the heroes and for everyone else -- in Pakistan.

dumb lawyer

somebody's got a crush on Annette!


Wow. This is an interesting an informative post about an issue that many here in the lounge are curious about. Jeff provides an inside perspective on SLU's problems in the past few years, and analogizes it to a situation pertinent to his field of study. Yet the three comments above vary from snarky to obnoxious. No wonder it is his last post, and I am surprised that - with this reception - fewer people are willing to post on this site. That would be a poor outcome, IMHO.


Jeff, Thank you for this post. I am sure that there are many professors, like me, who are grateful for it. I hope your post will encourage deans and faculty members dealing with similar situations.

Jeff Redding

Win: I definitely applaud the courage of Chief Justice Chaudhry and his supporters, and I hope that my post did not diminish that courage in any way.

dumb lawyer (comment #2): My boyfriend would probably disagree, but he definitely would not disapprove.

Anon: I've just been guest-blogging this month; I have found people's comments on my posts (and other emails I have received) quite helpful and informative, and I've enjoyed my time here. Don't worry, I'm not discouraged!

AnonProf: Thank you!

SLU Law Prof

Jeff: thanks for a courageous post. Many of our colleagues have departed this year because of the despotic regime of Biondi at SLU, and the lack of action from within the law school. That the Law faculty failed to lead, or play a significant role, in Biondi's ouster speaks volumes as to its cowardice and/or acquiescence to Biondi's policies and practices (the copyright fiasco is illustrative). Of the two, I'm not sure which is worse. I fear that a further brain drain will follow next year, and for years to come. Quite a shame since we have (had) such a wonderful faculty here. Annette should serve a role model for SLU Law faculty, but most (unfortunately) still cast her as a villain. I (sadly) do not look forward to returning in the fall....

dumb lawyer

have you told the students that you "had" a wonderful faculty and that you dread returning----at 40 thousand plus a year don't they have a right to know?

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