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April 04, 2013


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The press release points out this will make WMU one of 90 universities in the country with a medical school and a law school. I suspect this will make them the only university with a med school, a law school, and a minor league baseball stadium.


"For Western State, the situation seems similar to the Southern New England School of Law - UMass Dartmouth merger. Just as UMass Dartmouth was unlikely to get a law school without the merger, Western Michigan seems similarly unlikely to gain a law school without this proposal."

Unlike that merger, I assume this one won't come with significantly lower tuition.

roger dennis

Hipanon..after July 1, when Rutgers gets two medical schools they will have a minor league baseball stadium, two med schools and two law schools..ego needs me to say I put the deal together for the baseball stadium...Campbell's Field on the waterfront in Camden NJ.


Roger -- I stand corrected, I expect Rutgers will do well when the "number of affiliated medical schools and minor league baseball stadiums" is added to the next edition of the Cooley rankings.

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