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March 12, 2013


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Dan Joyner

Am I the only one who doesn't see the 2014 rankings out yet? All I keep seeing are the 2013 rankings.
Dan Joyner


Oh how the once mighty have fallen. Anyone rubbing their hands and chuckling in evil-sounding delight (try wiki-link below, assuming it is permitted to come through) at, for example, my poor alma's new ranking of 47, where two short years ago it was poised just off the top 20. Sigh.


DanJ - teach me to blindly follow a link, will ya?
(Guess I should look more carefully at what is delivered at links I click. Muwahahaaha indeed.)

Dan Joyner

Ok now they're up.


More importantly, the latest law school debt rankings are out (bearing in mind they are the mean amount of only federal loan debt, and do not include interest accrued during law school or undergraduate debt):

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