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March 04, 2013


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Roll Tide

Not sure why you focused on Maryland and Utah. Alabama has more lateral hires (at four) than either.

Alfred Brophy

@ Roll Tide,

Dan's earlier list included Alabama's four hires already, while the Maryland and Utah hires are new to this iteration of the list.

Anyway, I join you in congratulating Alabama.

Roll Tide!

Brando Simeo Starkey

Seattle has some tough losses here. Their losses are Alabama's gain it seems.

Tony L

Saint Louis has lost (at least) six, though only two are identified as of now.

Michelle Meyer

Maybe the SLU defection will be stemmed by the interim dean's resignation today:

Eric Muller

Someone who says he doesn't want to be "Father Biondi's butt boy" probably doesn't belong in a dean's office, even on an interim basis.


Oooh Oooh, OMG, breaking law professor news!!!!, like, did you hear?

Ruth Mason is moving from U Conn Law to UVA Law?

I know! Crazy, Dan, Hellooooo!?!

Does professor Mason tweet? Oh noooo!, how will UConn's tweet rank be affected? Prof. Crawford???

Meanwhile, Rome is burning (and not fast enough):

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