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March 07, 2013


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There is a growing and disturbing pattern of evidence that someone with administrative privileges at this blog-site has been passing IP addresses and e-mail addresses of various commentators to Brian Leiter, who in turn has been making veiled threats on his blog and in e-mails to “out” people, write to all the partners in their firm complaining about them and generally damage their careers should they show any further “insolence.”

Evidence can be found at:

Leiter’s own site:

and in various e-mails Leiter has sent pseudonymously (which is pretty ironic) and in his own name.
If they did disclose this sort of information the blog administrators have behaved at least unethically, but may also have violated the California Online Privacy Protection Act and perhaps the FTC Code of Fair Information Practices.

Meanwhile the point is well taken that it is highly inappropriate for a professor, protected by tenure, to be outing law students and junior lawyers or threatening to do so as a way to shut them up.

I think this forum needs to address the question of leaks to Leiter – did they happen, who did it, will they happen again.

Jeffrey Harrison

Actually, according to Campos, he suspects this blog is providing Leiter with the information that allows him to identify commentators. The claims to have attempted to contact Dan Filler in particular about the leak but he has not received a response. I enjoy this blog and I'd like the matter to be cleared up so I can keep enjoying it.

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