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February 18, 2013


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Tom Russell


I think the fact that your last name is Piety really adds to this post.

Why is it, again, that one cannot pierce the corporate veil to reach the assets of the universal--catholic--church in Rome? Living in Ireland this year has made this question even more interesting.

Tom Russell
Maynooth, Ireland

Tamara Piety

You know Tom I hadn't even thought about it because I am so used to my name just being my name. Interesting question about piercing the corporate veil. As I suggested in the Hobby Lobby case, some have suggested to me that Hobby Lobby and other for-profits wanting to claim some sort of religious exemption from the health car bill are really just wanting to engage in selective piercing, that is piercing the corporate veil for purposes of the insurance/contraception purposes but not for general liability. Thanks!

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