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February 28, 2013


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Not banal at all. Excellent and honest post. Please do continue to uncensor yourself.


All too true, and elegantly stated.

Re your first point, my response/advice is to remember that, when thinking "small," you're taking the interests of people you know to heart, but not the interests of those you don't. The simplest (yet hardest!) example of this in an isolated context is terminating someone; here, consider not only the person in front of you, but also the deserving person out there who will make the most of this new opportunity, who will be a better fit to advance the school's goals which in turn helps more people, etc. A conscientious person can/should care about the latter, too. Thinking "big" is simply this on a larger scale.

James Milles

All true to my experience as a law library director as well. Leadership has its rewards and its pitfalls. That's why I'm glad I'm now a teacher.

Orin Kerr

"Doing this in the context of an organization is about lots of people – very real people who walk the hallways alongside you. That's a big responsibility."

Muller, we might make a libertarian out of you yet.

Jeff Lipshaw

There's a saying in the corporate world that you "think globally; act locally." My sense here is that you want to "think big; act small."

Tamara Piety

Some great observations.

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