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February 26, 2013


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Previously Anon

Oh yes, Texas Wesleyan, home of the 48.9% of 2011 graduates in full-time, bar required employment (whatever that may mean in practice)--and, of course, the 27.8% unemployed in any job. I'm sure those graduates were fascinated by your contracts conference.

Previously Anon

And, of course, Professor Scott Pryor, from Regent University, where 52.5% of 2011 graduates had long-term, bar-required employment (whatever that may mean in practice)--and, of course, 24.6% were unemployed in any job.


" It seems unlikely that nearly all judges are followers of neo-classical economics or are thralls to corporate America. There must be something behind judicial approval of form contracts and, behind that application, the more comprehensive notion of grounding contract formation on “objective manifestations of assent.” "

Who needs 'nearly all'? Just the majority of appeals and supreme courts is enough.

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