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February 23, 2013


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David Bernstein

I find it more than a little strange to complain about companies satisfying consumers' bliss point, defined in the article as "when consumers like the product the most." What are companies supposed to do, create products that consumer don't like so much? Why would they do that, and what would the justification for that be?

Jeffrey Harrison

I wonder if food it any different from other things -- movies, tv, fashion -- in terms of engineering. But the kid thing is awful and is purely designed to make the kids tools for the producers. They are used to create pressure on those with the cash. It's bad in any case but when the parents have limited means it reflects capitalist indifference at its worst.

Fort Lauderdale FL Airport Hotel

New research shows that mothers-to-be who gorge on junk food while pregnant can cause changes in their unborn children's brain chemistry, causing the babies to be born with a higher tolerance to salt, fats and sugars.

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