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January 15, 2013


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I wonder two things:

1) Is it in fact true that a large number of people make use of "consultants" (whatever that comes to here- the idea sounds like paid advisers) in picking thinking "everything from clothes and style to baby names"? You can count me as extremely skeptical that this is common, for any real sense of "consultants". (Perhaps this shows me to be even more cut off from main-stream American life than I think, but I suspect it's rather an exaggeration, a serious equivocation on "consultant", or an unjustified extrapolation from some bad "reality" tv shows.)

2) Is there any reason to think that advice from one's "communities of family, neighborhood or work" are more authentic or good or something else desirable than others? I'll admit to finding the input of these groups to often be oppressive and unwanted, and the view that they are particularly good to be overly romantic. (The input of one's neighbor's or one's work on the choice of clothes or baby names seems particularly dubious to me!)


I love the "No Contracts" signs that some cell phone dealers have above their stores. Those signs, plus a heavy dose of Stewart Macaulay, should cause us all to be more than a bit skeptical about how and why we emphasize contracts as we do.

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