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January 01, 2013


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Eric Fink

I haven't the slightest idea where that mill is. But I love the photo. And it makes me inexplicably happy to learn that "mill law" is a thing.

Alfred Brophy

Thanks, Eric -- and happy new year to you!

Bill Turnier

All, that screams Pennsylvania. It is the onein Delaware County.

Alfred Brophy

You're got the location right, Bill! It is in Delaware County.

Bill Turnier

OK, it is the Newlin Grist Mill.

Alfred Brophy

That's it, Bill. I had the chance to visit the Newlin Mill when I was home over break. It's now a historical park; really impressive. I visited when it was about 30 degrees, so I did a lot less walking around than I'd like. In addition to the mill, they have a mill pond and a mill race (to bring water from the pond to the mill) and a bunch of other buildings. I hope to go back in the spring or summer and take this in a little better. Here's a link to the Newlin Mill Park's website, which has a link to a video of the mill working. It's pretty cool:

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