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January 10, 2013


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Seems like that map could be of use to criminals. Break into the house with no guns...


Alternatively, break into a house *with* guns, because you want a gun, or because you want the kinds of things that gun owners buy or have. Think of it like the combination of the telephone book with the yellow pages.


So does anyone other than burglars benefit from this disclosure?


I suppose it allows you to choose not to let your kids go over to a friend's house if the friend's parents have guns in the house.


Yeah, you wouldn't want your kid going to a place where people had passed background checks. Unfortunately, it won't tell you whether people have shotguns or rifles. Or handguns that they didn't get permits for.


A - it's actually not because you fear the parents would shoot your kid. It's because you have no idea whether they have properly secured their guns and separated the bullets. The worry is the kids will get into the guns and shoot themselves or each other, especially if inadequately supervised. Of course, you don't need a permit map for that (and, as you point out, that would be underinclusive). You can just ask the parents. Their reaction is all you need to know.

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