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November 19, 2012


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Wes Rist

Perhaps because wishing death and destruction on anyone, regardless of the culpability of their actions, deprives us of some of our humanity. I can condemn the wrongful use of human beings as slaves needed to build their little hamlet without actively regretting that they weren't subjected to indiscriminate violence at the hand of the state as well.

That kind of desire for "payback" or violent retribution is what fuels the endless cycle of violence we see so commonly in our modern world. It's what fuels the ongoing conflict in Gaza right now.

Alfred Brophy

Maybe there was enough violence in the Civil War.

Calvin Massey

Burning the town would not have provided anything of value to the slaves whose labor contributed to its existence. As the now-trite saying has it, an eye for an eye leaves everyone blind.

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Concerned Citizen

Professor Reynolds, you may as well also hope for the state to burn Baltimore to the ground. Or are you genuinely so ignorant of her history as it relates to the slave trade? I find that hard to believe, yet... here we are.

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