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November 25, 2012


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This is the first that I have heard of a "personality" theory of property. I'd like to say, though, that when I teach about the history of the South, I feel that I spend a lot of time teaching against Gone with the Wind. Among the things to teach against is the myth that southerners were as extreme in their attachment to the soil as depicted in the movie. Southern plantation owners, in particular, used up the soil and then moved themselves west in search of other lands. There are good studies of this, none of which I can site because I'm in Ireland getting ready to visit, of all places, the Hill of Tara--the site where ancient Kings of Ireland did something or other.


If you like this "personality" theory, I recommend "Duddy Kravitz" by Mordecai Richler. I think it's a movie, too. About a Montreal jew and the traditional jewish belief that a man is nothing without land. Duddy is broke, and tries to become a land developer.

Jon Weinberg

"The traditional Jewish belief that a man is nothing without land"? That's Simcha Kravitz's belief, but not a traditional Jewish one.

Thomas NZ

Coming back to the question, there is of course the slavery in the movie, which reflects a particular theory of property.

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