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November 19, 2012


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For some reason the chart is not readable for me. It appears to be in an odd format or using an odd program.


It seems unlikely to me that W&L only had 121 students in its 2011 entering class. I could be wrong, but that seems awfully small for them.


Well, the good news is that, in these times of falling applications and falling admissions standards, a number of lower ranked schools are picking up the slack by admitting even more students than last year. From a quick skim:

New Mexico: 114/113
Northern Illinois: 114/103
Northern Kentucky: 181/178
Nova Southeastern: 380/354
Pacific-McGeorge: 255/225
Quinnipiac: 127/123
Rutgers-Newark: 226/224
SUNY-Buffalo: 205/175
Texas Wesleyan: 260/236
Tulsa: 112/108
Vermont: 172/151
Washburn: 136/124

Keep mind, many of these schools have double-digit unemployment AND double-digit underemployment (temp-work, non-legal).

Does this not bother anyone else?

Jonathan H. Adler

I don't know whether our numbers are on our website, but while we've reduced our class size for the past two years, at CWRU our mean LSAT is up.


Dear Dan, In considering revenue loss and income streams, it would also be important to look at the number of transfer students admitted. This analysis would also indicate whether the first year decline is being driven by employment concerns or US News.

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