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November 03, 2012


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Howard Wasserman

And don't forget Ollie' Barbecue.

Alfred Brophy

Yes, of course, Howard, Ollie's. One other thing that I found exciting is in the Romney-Ryan advertisement about Bill's Barbeque, they show Monument Avenue in Richmond. So this is about barbeque and monuments in some ways.

Ralph D. Clifford

I've also been to Bill's. I have to say that there is better BBQ in lots of other places, but what I will miss are the pies. Bill's had the absolute best banana cream pie I have ever had.

Brian Clarke

No one does barbeque like North Carolina. If anyone is looking for a funny and informative book on the subject, look no further than Holy Smoke: The Big Book of North Carolina Barbeque by Prof. John Shelton Reed (Emeritus Prof. of Sociology at UNC). Takes our barbaric tradition back to its roots -- roots to which I try to cling (I dug a barbecue pit in my backyard to keep the process as low tech as possible). Barbaric, but delicious.

Bill Turnier

I ate at Ollie's several times when I visited at Alabama Law School in 1996. It was a large thriving operation with blacks and whites eating pretty good barbecue, side by side. When I went back for a second visit in 2001it had moved from Birmingham out to Hoover (an upscale suburb). I believe it died out there in the suburbs where there was no lunch time crowd and a population for whom such fare did not have much appeal. It was a thriving place in Birmingham with lines waiting for a table stretching outside the building. In Hoover my wife and I were the only two sit down customers at a bit after noon. They did have a few drive-ins. Someplace buried in our house there is an Ollie's apron purchased by me in 1996. It was part of a packet of Ollie's stash that I brought back for some Con Law buddies.

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