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November 21, 2012


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I wonder how well it will cook. I'll admit that I recently thought it might be a good idea to wrap a hamburger in bacon before grilling it on my little weber grill, and in fact it turned out to be terrible idea. (Now, cutting the bacon up into very little pieces and mixing it w/ the burger before grilling is a pretty good idea, but wrapping the burger in bacon isn't.) Maybe it will work better in the oven, but I expect it to be swimming in fat pretty soon.

Concerned Citizen

You cretins just don't know haute cuisine even when it schmears you across the face.

This is without any doubt the most fantabulous Turkish delight ever devilishly devised.

(P.S. you have to pronounce "devised" with three syllables or it don't taste right. Thankssomuch.)

Really Concerned Citizen

I'm concerned that you referred to your local co-op as "gourmet-ish". This is a fundamental mis-understanding of what a co-op is, what it does and what it represents.

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