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October 15, 2012


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Alfred Brophy

Ugh, what happened? I just deleted the comments and post by mistake. Anyway, to give credit where credit is due: Emily Bremer, identified the right answer: it's the fountain in Du Pont Circle in DC. There were two other comments, but I forget who made them. Please feel free to repost those comments.

Bill Reynolds

Al. I know you do Southern history, but after all we won, and there is no question conccerning who was morally right (and I dont think you believe in the Purple Dream.) Why not go above the M-D Line, where there are also many memorable courthouses and monuments?

Alfred Brophy

Hi Bill,

I usually use photos that I've taken for trivia. Given that I live in the south and that my research takes me to places in the south, these are the photos I have. Sometimes my photos are of monuments to the US, even though they're located in the south -- like the Poplar Grove National Cemetery in Petersburg:

I just don't have much occasion to have those from north of the Mason-Dixon Line, though I have posted some from trips to Gettysburg, Philadelphia, and Boston:

And I like to post photos from readers, including for instance Bill Turnier's photos of Maine monuments to the War:

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