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October 28, 2012


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These keep getting tougher, but...

I believe that's Virginia's historic Sussex County Courthouse?

Alfred Brophy

Yes, this one is very tough -- but I think easier than the Brunswick County Courthouse in Lawrenceville that you identified a few weeks back, Owen. And you are, once again, correct! This is in Sussex Count, which is not too far off I-95 south of Petersburg. Several slaves were tried here in the wake of the Nat Turner rebellion. Even though the evidence seems to have disclosed absolutely no connection between them and the rebellion, a number were sentenced to death.

It's a beautiful courthouse, built from 1825-28 according to a plaque on the building -- and has a modern one just next to it. Like some other towns, basically all that's there is the courthouse square. Reminds me of Appomattox Courthouse. It's certainly worth a trip to see if you have time next time you're driving along I-95. I hope to stop by sometime when they're open and see what it looks like inside.

Now, I need to post on the Confederate Monument that's on the front lawn. I hope to get to that shortly.

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