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September 20, 2012


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The apparent, new-found distaste among the media for free speech is alarming - Christiane Amanpour was much more irresponsible - heck even look at Hillary's "outer bounds" statement. While they may not be lawyers, it wouldn't be hard for them to speak to someone reputable before they open their mouths. They're not interested in being educated or speaking accurately, because they don't really believe in hate speech laws, or in curtailing free speech. I haven't seen a single journalist harp on this that I really believed was sincere. I think it's something far worse - it's not principled or considered, it's merely expedient.

It is a political apology for the President and for Hillary. Obama sold himself as special - and promised his unique, moral vision would change the world overnight. Speak with empathy and respect and terrorism will cease. But it didn't. Not by a long shot. So, some feel they have to go around defending the principle that speaking more empathetically (after all we'd only censor you in the name of friendly fascism) will end violence. To those people I say: go say that in Tahrir Square with no security detail. Put your money where your mouth is.


Not surely they're not interested in being educated or speaking accurately.

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