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September 26, 2012


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Mary Dudziak

Al, thank you for this outstanding post.

Tom Russell

Yes, Al. I agree with Mary. I had not heard the news because I'm teaching in Ireland this year. I will call my dissertation advisor Carl Degler and pass the news along. Prof. Degler is 90+ years old and in pretty darn good shape!

Tom Russell

Bob Strassfeld

Al, along with Mary and Tom, I thank you for your thoughtful comments on Genovese. He was one of the reasons why I found my way to the University of Rochester in the late 1970s, and I was hardly alone in that regard. I will confess that I found him to be a complicated person and at times perplexing and frustrating. His intellectual and political trajectory suggests as much. Nevertheless, the depth and breadth of his historical knowledge was extraordinary. The work that I know best are the books up to and including Roll, Jordan, Roll. Those books inspired me. They were sophisticated and sensitive in their understanding of the American South. I am sure I would benefit greatly were I to make the time to revisit them and to read the more recent work.

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