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September 22, 2012


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It doesn't really affect the content of the post, but the article that's linked under "not surprisingly" is actually from 1999 rather than current.

Kim Krawiec

Hi Alex -- yes, the reference is to the AA-Reno Air merger, when the court awarded AA more than $45 million dollars in damages due to the pilot union "sick out." Naturally, there could not be a court ruling yet on this week's actions. But the prior case must be very much on the minds of those who were around to experience it.

Tamara Piety

Oh dear. I have some trips next week that if they are delayed will blow the whole trip....

Kim Krawiec

I'm in the same boat, Tamara. They have so far been very good, it seems, about accommodating people on other flights, including flights on another airline. But it's still a risk.

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