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September 13, 2012


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Al, thanks for the link. This is an absolutely fascinating case. I also have photos of the factory Hauser built that straddled the Missouri-Oklahoma border. See all posts here:
Slight typo--*Carolene Products.


I suppose Carolina is on your mind :)

Alfred Brophy

Yes! Carolene Products. I've obviously gone to Carolina in my mind.


Here, for anyone interested, is an 1828 version of Legal Zoom's online do-it-yourself legal documents.

The Pocket Lawyer or Self Conveyancer is a 107 page pamphlet that offers models for everything from wills and deeds to a “Proxy to vote for Directors of the Bank of the United States.”

Alfred Brophy

That's a pretty cool book; I'm familiar with a lot of form books, but not that one. Good website -- I didn't know about that lawyer. Charles Coatesworth Pinckey Rawn, huh? Must have some South Carolina connections!

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