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August 09, 2012


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SLU Law prof

This is the culmination of years of hostility from Biondi towards the law school. As someone who has been on the faculty for decades, I can attest to everything in Dean Clark's letter as being true and just the tip of the iceberg. Biondi has boasted of his hatred for lawyers, even to law alumni, yet there is no question that he depends on the law school revenue and law alumni giving. This is the second Dean in three years that has resigned as a direct result of Biondi's incompetence and dishonesty. He is not fit to run a University, let alone one where he has the Board and all top positions in his back pocket. Keefe is just another yes-man; he has indicated that he will continue his law practice and serve as dean, for all practical purposes, part-time. Few law faculty have faith in his abilities. While he has spoken to the media on numerous occasions and has bashed our beloved ex-Dean while doing so, he has yet to send an email to the law faculty or law school, nor has he called a meeting to discuss his appointment. SLU Law has a tremendous faculty (and a particularly strong junior faculty), engaging and smart students, and a wonderful staff, yet the only thing that can save this school is a new President and administration. Dean Clark may have paid a big price, but like any good leader, she stood by her morals and is the first (in my experience) to stand up to this autocrat. I, for one, would without question follow her to a new school.

Alfred Brophy

Thank you for this, SLU Law prof -- I'm saddened to hear it.

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