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August 29, 2012


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Justin Long

I use Blackboard in part because it avoids appearing to endorse either of the online legal databases that compete for students' loyalty.


I'm experimenting with TWEN for a conference panel that plans to share its papers and sample syllabi to a national audience - TWEN has a great feature that allows you to invite guests to your "class" which (I imagine) can be good for having course materials evaluated (pre- or post-launch) by colleagues and friends within and outside of your institution.


I like using Blackboard on Lexis because it has a plagiarism program when students upload their documents to the site. It checks the documents with anything on Lexis, any papers submitted through Lexis, and the web.

my vision future

Treat people like you would like to be treated especially people who trusted and took your word for things

Jacqui Lipton

@ Justin: I thought Blackboard was now owned by/affiliated with Lexis?

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