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August 06, 2012


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Ellen Wertheimer

Children's Book World on Haverford Station Road in Haverford, PA is a fabulous bookstore and resource. Its staff is incredibly knowledgeable, and it has a wonderful tradition of bringing authors to meet the kids.

joel dobris

Mrs Dalloway's in Berkeley, Point Reyes Books in Point Reyes Station in West Marin, north of San Francisco and Copperfield Books in Petaluma, CA, also north of San Francisco

These are more literary bookstores than college or social science bookstores

Catherine Grosso

Winchester Book Gallery, Winchester, Virginia


Vroman's, Pasadena CA
Labyrinth, New Haven CT
The Haunted Bookstore, Iowa City IA
Prairie Lights, Iowa City IA (already mentioned, I think)
Green Apple, San Francisco CA (already mentioned, I think)

In memoriam: Shaman Drum, Ann Arbor MI (closed a few years ago . . . sigh)
Kinda in memoriam: Bookstar (Loma Theater location), San Diego CA (WAS amazing; purchased by Barnes & Noble a while back, so probably technically disqualified, but still - how cool is it to have the bookstore in the old theater?)

Jason Marisam

Common Good Books in St. Paul, MN. A local gem run by Garrison Keillor.


House of Our Own Bookstore in Philadelphia, PA.

Bob Bohrer

San Diego/La Jolla is blessed with D.G. Wills AND Warwick's. Both gems with different strengths.

Ruth Parlin

Three Lives in NYC (Greenwich Village).

Margie Paris

In Eugene, Oregon: Smith Family Bookstore; J. Michael's Books; The Duck Store; Tsunami Books; Black Sun Books

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