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July 25, 2012


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Provide an example of a "compelling government interest" that was not covered in the readings for today's class.

In the past, students would take five minutes at the end of class to write their responses on index cards or a sheet of paper, and I would collect these after class. In a class with 85 students, this often made for an unwieldy mess of information to review. Using TWEN (or another LMS), I can now use a web form to collect this information at the end of class, and TWEN loads the student responses into an Excel spreadsheet that I can access electronically whenever and wherever I want. I can then scan the spreadsheet to quickly assess common misunderstandings, and I can display portions of the spreadsheet in class (without identifying specific students) to clarify the material. And I have this information electronically available for reference in future semesters. Technology has allowed me to "engineer" a form of periodic assessment into my large section class.

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