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July 19, 2012


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Sorry for the off topic post, but if Prof. Massey is going to just post Romney campaign ads, it would be nice if he'd leave the comments open so that folks could try to steer him back to reality a bit before he completely goes off a nutter.


Agreed with PIllsbury.

If you take the President's comments in context, as the embedded ad does not, what Obama is really saying is not that the fine folks here didn't build this blog, but that they didn't build the infrastructure upon which it relies. But maybe Calvin is claiming to have built the internet. Perhaps he and Al Gore have more in common than most would guess.

For the relevant context see


I'll bite: Charlotteville, VA. The park's name was changed from Washington Park to Booker T. Washington Park in 2001. Though slightly off Professor Brophy's intended topic, I find the practice of "pseudo-rechristening" locations an interesting one (i.e. continuing to call it Washington Park, but changing its nominal honoree.) For another example, see Washington State's 2005 decision to rename Seattle's King County in honor of Martin Luther King over former Vice President (and UNC's own) William Rufus King.

Alfred Brophy

You got it, Owen! And I don't think your comments are off-topic at all. I'm interested -- very interested -- that this was named for Booker T. Washington as recently as 2001. There's an interesting story behind the park, including that it was established as a segregated park by a person who set up a segregated park for white people:

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