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July 27, 2012


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Jeff Baker

The Parthenon in Nashville's Centennial Park, across the street from Vandy. Go 'Dores!

Alfred Brophy

Gosh, Jeff, you're good! I just put this up and then went off to attend to a little work and you've already gotten it. This is some kind of record.

You're of course correct -- it's a replica of the Parthenon constructed for Nashville's 1897 centennial exhibition. The park is right across the street from Vanderbilt.

As Jeff appropriately concludes, "Go Dores!"

Jeff Baker

I do love me some Nashville, and VLS once had some fine events in the temple.

Alfred Brophy

The Parthenon is really an extraordinary building -- you get the sense of just how impressive it was that the ancients built it.

I think my favorite monument in that park is the sphere. It has some strange language on it, to the effect of "it could not be rounder." I wish I'd taken a picture of that.

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