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July 07, 2012


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Lois Turner

It's heartwarming to see that so many law professors have so much time on their hands. What a thoroughly agreeable lifestyle they all must have.

Ira Nathenson

Great listing, Bridget, thanks!

Here are some suggestions of names to add:

* Eugene Volokh, VolokhC
* Julie Cohen, julie17usc
* YochaiBenkler, YochaiBenkler
* Lawrence Solum, lsolum
* Michael Geist, mgeist
* Michael Scott, also at LawProf, InternetLaw, CopyrightLaw, and transform_media
* David S. Levine, hearsayculture

Here are possible errors in the above listing:

* Miriam Cherry is Prof_MCherry
* Tim Caulfield is CaulfieldTim
* Blake Hudson is ForestLawProf
* Tracey McGaugh is millennialprof
* Not sure about correct page for Alicia Ouellette


P.S. - if it's ok, I put together a listing of your names (with my suggestions) for people to use on Twitter:!/nathenson/law-professors

Saddled with Law School Debt

What a great use of money derived from cannibalizing your students and ripping off the American taxpayer!

Margo Schlanger (University of Michigan)

I am @civilrightsCH, tweeting for the Civil Rights Litigation Clearinghouse. Thanks!

Ira Nathenson

Tamar's listing via @ericgoldman's feed is very helpful, too. Here are some names from that listing (there are others as well):

Lori Andrews, LoriAndrewsJD
Timothy Armstrong, tarmstro99
Barbara B. Bressler, bbressle
Jeremy de Beer, jdebeer
Ryan Calo, rcalo
Anupam Chander, AnupamChander
Chester Chuang, ChesterChuang
Eric M. Fink, LuckyJimJD
Elizabeth Townsend Gard, ETownsendGard
Ariel Katz, relkatz
Irina Manta, irina_manta
Charlie Nesson, charlienesson
Dave Opderbeck, dopderbeck
Barbara van Schewick, vanschewick
Peter Swire ‏ @peterpswire
Michael Zimmer, michaelzimmer

Eric Goldman

Sorry, somehow forget to previously mention my colleague Kyle Graham @kylefgraham

Jeff Baker

Jeff Baker @JRBProf
Faulkner University Jones School of Law

Jennifer Bankier

I tweet & I was a professor at Dalhousie Law School in Halifax until I took early retirement in 2009. Subjects taught at retirement were Torts, Women & Law, and Equity and Trusts. Courses taught at other times included Law & Technology, Intellectual Property, Sex Discrimination, Contracts, and Agency & Partnership.

Jennifer Bankier

oops ... omitted twitter ID which is @jbankier


This is a great list. Thanks again for compiling it.

I thought it would be helpful for those who want an easy way to follow individuals on the list, or to subscribe to the list as a whole, if it were an actual Twitter list. So I made one through CALI's twitter account:!/caliorg/law-profs

Hope that's helpful!

Austin Groothuis
Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction (CALI)

Jennifer Bard

I've been using twitter to connect with former students about health law issues and this fall will experiment with tweets to stay in touch with my torts section.
@profbard (Jennifer Bard, Texas Tech).


Bob here.

Yes -

Bernie posted some data that's been available for months (I'm glad he did, otherwise it would have been ignored here). I've counted 30 plus comments to this post from professors: "ooh me, me, I tweet, and I have a book."

How many comments addressing the social justice implications of Bernie's post as it relates to the historical deceptive behavior of EACH OF YOUR SCHOOLS!?! NONE!

There are 11 comments to Bernie's post, most of which ask whether the data can be re-sorted to the commenter's preference. Conversely, there are legions of comments on the useless musings that characterize this blog.

That, professors, is why a nonesensical post like this is so infuriating: It's clear you all read this blog(as evidenced by your quick responses to this utterly useless tweet post; yet, you are nowhere to be found in the comments to Bernie's post.

Your students read. They watch. They are suffering, mightily. And you can't be bothered to discuss the most pressing issues facing legal education and its consumers? But oooh, a list? oooh, perhaps yet another useless ranking of schools, this time by professors that tweet?

What's worse, for you, is that prospective students read this blog in the context of Law School Transparency, Inside the Law School Scam, and others.

You guys are making absolute fools of yourselves, and enemies of your schools' alumni (even the successful ones, like me) with each post on this blog.

Pace Law: One of the lowest performers by nearly all measures (academic rep, practitioner rep, etc.), features these outcomes, and a $212,607 cost (easily financed by high interest, non-dischargeable, taxpayer secured debt to boot):

Thoughts professor Crawford?

Bridget Crawford

Thanks for your comments, "Bob." I think you are making two points. Your first seems to be that faculty members have responded to one blog post (on this blog, asking for users of Twitter to identify themselves) and not to another. Your second point is that compiling a list of law professor Twitter users is "nonsensical."

As to why law professors have not commented more frequently or substantively on the post you mention, I do not have any data and am not sure that my speculations would be any more accurate than others' speculations. As to your comment that a Twitter census is non-sensical, I simply disagree. I find Twitter to be a helpful -- but by no means perfect -- way of communicating with and learning about the work of colleagues, former students and current students, practitioners in the field, and legal publishers.


I, too, Tweet, @bojack54. Jack Bogdanski, Lewis & Clark Law School.

amy dillard

I tweet @jagdillard. UB Law

Dan Filler

Kevin Woodson at Drexel Law also tweets.

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