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July 02, 2012


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Dan: You might want to read thru the comments under "The Day After" below, where the CBS story was briefly discussed. Al's comments are there.
You say "I hear some conservatives used to think that legislatures were a really great way to make public policy." This may true, but did "liberals"? Did they think the legislatures should have been able to decide on abortion policy (our courts now micromanage parental notification, etc.), desegregation of schools (think busing), and all the rest?
Do you think that the Arizona law should have been upheld last week?
Why must the focus always be in finding division by casting aspirations and calling names on political grounds? Why must it always come down to "my team won" and not, e.g., a logical and learned discussion about consistency in the principle of deference? Why is the pot always calling the kettle black?

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